Conservation Coalition’s Efforts Move Columbian White-tailed Deer Along Road To Recovery In Washington, Oregon


PORTLAND, Oregon – Building upon a record of collaborative conservation and species recovery in the Pacific Northwest, today the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and partners celebrated the downlisting of the Columbian white-tailed deer from endangered to threatened in Washington and Oregon.  The combined efforts between the Cowlitz Indian Tribe, …

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The Lives Of Bats


Bats are the only true flying mammals on Earth and one of the most diverse groups of mammals. One in five mammal species is a bat. Some bats eat fruit, some pollinate flowers, others catch fish out of the water, and of course there’s the notorious vampire bat, which feeds …

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Successful Recovery And Removal From Endangered Species Act Of Native Kentucky White-Haired Goldenrod Plant


When Mike Oetker, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Deputy Regional Director, hiked with biologists from three agencies in the Daniel Boone National Forest, it only took a few minutes to understand why the white-haired goldenrod could be removed from the list of federally protected plants. Where the once-rare Kentucky …

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